Magnet character
Pillar shape magnets
Magnetization, Widely used on motors.


Pillar shape magnets

(The dimension than the catalog stated will be supplied on request)

Code Size and Tolerance standard parameter offace magnetism(GS)
0 Ø9.4+0/-0.05×Ø(3.5-40.3)×140.1  
1 Ø12+0/-0.05×Ø(4.20.3-4.80.3)×120.1 1,face magnetism>1500GS
2,face magnetism>1300GS100
3,face magnetism>1200GS-1300GS
2 Ø12+0/-0.05×Ø(4.20.3-4.80.3)×180.1 face magnetism>1500GS
3 Ø12+0/-0.05×Ø(4.20.3-4.80.3)×200.1 face magnetism>1500GS
4 Ø15+0/-0.05×Ø(6-6.8)×200.1 face magnetism>1500GS
5 Ø18+0/-0.05×Ø(6-7)×300.1 face magnetism>1500GS
6 Ø19+0/-0.05×Ø(6-7)×300.1 face magnetism>1500GS
7 Ø19.2+0/-0.05×Ø(6.2-7.1)0.5×320.1 face magnetism>1500GS
8 Ø19.2+0/-0.05×Ø(6.2-7.1)0.5×400.1 face magnetism>1500GS
9 Ø25+0/-0.05×Ø(9-11)×400.1 face magnetism>1500GS

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