Magnet character
Plastic & Rubber magnets

Rubber Magnet(Bonded Permanent Ferrite)


Rubber magnetic coiled material uses computer digital control to be accurately cut into various sizes of the magnetic sheets The coiled material width can reach to  750mm with 0.3-1.5mm thickness and unrestricted length. It can have UV coating ,Back adhesive,PVC covering.

It can use the computer die cutter to make the following processing: The rubber magnet can be divided into small pieces.With back adhesive remain continuous for the convenient use. Magnetic sheet with color PVC covered

It can be processed into the rubber magnets with various shapes

 Refrigerator magnet
The magnetic sheet can be covered with chrome paper or white PVC film,then printed with the fine and exquisite patterns.It can be die-cut into various shapes of the fine and exquisite refrigerator magnet.It is mainly used in the advertising propagation, gift promotion, children' cartoon toys etc.

 Magnetic compound for extrusion purpose
 Magnetic compound can directly produce various shapes of the extruded magnetic strips through the extruder.

 Extruding magnets
  The extruded magnetic strips are widely applicable for the electric refrigerator door sealing, drinking water machine door sealing,magnetic drawing board,toy,teaching,bathroom seal strip, relay,switch and so forth.

"工"Shaped magnetic strip is used for the concealed window screen door sealing,bathroom door sealing.

It is used for the stationery

It is used for the refrigerator door sealing

Magnetic strip with back adhesive

Anisotropic extruded magnetic strip


The extrusion strip can be cut into various sizes with different length

Anisotropic rubber magnet and motor magnetic strip

Anisotropic rubber magnet is mainly used in the occasions with strong suction.
The motor magnetic strip is mainly used for the small-size precision motors etc. in the equipments such as camera,cinematograph,recorder,VCD,walkman,computer fan and so on.

 Anisotropic magnetic ring is used in the automobile electric apparatus.

Anisotropic disk, square block

Anisotropic magnetic strip

The motor magnetic strip is used for the micro-motors

  Ferrous power bond sheet(ferrous cloth)

   As an adhesive base stencil to the magnetic substance,it has the sound safety and flexibility.it can be curled and processed.The goods can be supplied in the coiled form.The max.width can fulfill 750mm.The thickness ranges form 0.3mm to 1.5mm. The surface can be coated with film or be printed. It can be used for the wave absorbing materials and magnetic circuit shield. It is widely applicable for the transformer,office supplies ,exhibition board, toy,stationery,magnetic dart etc.

    Plastic & rubber magnets, proved superior to sintered magnets on aspects of forming ability, size precision, consistence and flexibility, are compounded of magnetic powder and plastic or rubber material through special technique. Our company has been engaged in development and improvement of flexible permanent magnets. Its products, isotropic & anisotropic,carefully tailored by customers'needs,cover sheeting and roll of all sizes, magnetic stripes of various crosssections,magnets used for various surface treatments (film covering, paint spraying). Plastic or rubber magnets are widely used on micro or special motors,stationery,household appliances,gifts,childrens's toys and advertising.

Seal of refrigeratory
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Flexible magnetic sheeting
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PVC cartoon
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Flexible Magnets for Micro-Motor
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Features of Plastic & rubber magnetic materials:
Material Br
 KA/m (0e)
 KA/m (0e)
 KJ/m3 (MGOe)
YN-5T 140-155
YN-8 160-185
YN-10 200-210
YN-11 230-245
YN-13 250
YN-15 260
YN-11H 230-240

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